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 Green Clay Mask
Bottle (50 ml)
See productRecommended for combination, oily and demineralised skin. The association of pure clay and trace elements contributes to the elimination of impurities, controls the proliferation of bacteria responsible for skin imperfections and regulates the function of the sebaceous, oil producing glands. Results: Enriched in minerals, the skin is revitalised, freshened and unwanted shine is reduced.

• Natural clay, Extracts from Hawthorn flowers, Burdock, Propolis, Trace elements
 Marine Mask
Jar (50 ml)
See productSpecific for reactive and sensitive skin. A wave of benefits from mineral-rich seaweed extracts dynamically restores vitality to the skin. The presence of sodium hyaluronate increases the hydration levels of the skin and restores elasticity and suppleness.

• Seaweed extracts, Sodium Hyaluronate
 Oxygen Mask
Jar (50 ml)
See productFor tired, intoxicated and devitalised skin, the Oxygen Mask is a sophisticated treatment mask. As part of its activity it contains extracts of beech shoots which have the capacity to stimulate the micro-circulation and improve the respiration of cells. Results: Restores the skin giving it a new vitality.

• Black currant, Grape leaf, Evening primrose oil, Shea butter
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