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 Sensitive Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productA soothing, decongestant treatment which has been specially formulated for sensitive skin. Its anti-free radical and moisturizing vitamin complex reinforces the skin’s natural structures and defences and reduces its reactivity to the harmful effects of the environment. Regular use of Sensitive Serum reduces sensitivity and redness within the cheek area.

• Extracts of Horse Chestnut, Burdock Root, Witch Hazel, red Algae, Bisabolol, A and E vitamins
 Repair Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productA truly effective anti-ageing treatment, Repair Serum’s high molecular weight DNA of marine origin is known for its stimulating effect on cell oxygenation and its regenerating effect on the skin’s tissue. Restores radiance and fresh vitality to the skin.

• Marine DNA of high molecular weight.
 Balancing Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productTriple-action skincare for oily, problem skin. Normalizing Serum gently regulates the production of sebum (vitamin B6, burdock), purifies the epidermis (essential oils and salicylic acid) and comforts and soothes irritated skin (Bisabolol). Restores freshness and radiance to the skin.

• Extracts of Salvia, Propolis, Salicylic Acid, B6 vitamin, Alpha Bisabolol, Essential oils of Salvia, Thyme
 Eye Contour Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productThe extreme tenderness of the eye contour area and its permanent mobility make it very vulnerable to signs of ageing. Translucent and oil free, the Eye Contour Serum restores elasticity to this very delicate part of the face thanks to the presence of moisturizing and nourishing substances carried by liposomes. Results: Fine lines are evened out and the skin becomes smoother.

• Extracts of Aloe Vera, Cornflower, Echinacea, Red Algae, Plant proteins, Elastin, Liposomes
 Multi Vitamin Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productAnti-oxidant Vitamin C neutralises free radical damage while Vitamins A and F favour the hydration of the epidermis. Vitamins B5 and B6 support cellular metabolism.

• Orange extract , Panthenol, A and E vitamins, Sodium Hyaluronate
 Skin Renewing Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productA restorative anti-wrinkle treatment. Formulated with fruit acids and glycolic acids, Skin Renewing Serum stimulates the natural process of cell renewal by speeding up the exfoliation of dead cells. A new generation of cells appears on the surface. Skin becomes firmer and smoother with a more even complexion. Excellent at removing acne scarring.

• 5%Fruit acids (from Lemon ,Grape, Passionflower fruit, Pineapple)and Glycolic acid
 Eye Zone Intensive Care 
Pump bottle (30 ml)
See productSpecific treatment for the eye contour area showing the signs of ageing. Evens out wrinkles and fine lines, protects the skin around the eye area. Comforts and relieves congestion in the eye zone area. Helps to reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. Intensive hydration. Results: Smooth and even eye contour and more youthful skin.

• Wheat proteins, Hydrolysed Elastin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caffeine, B5, C, E Vitamins
 Firming Serum
Pump bottle (30 ml)
A highly effective toning treatment which prevents the slackening of the skin. It has a slightly tightening effect which smoothes the surface of the epidermis and restores firmness and softness to the skin. Applied just before a special night out, it enhances the beauty of the skin.

• Cell'Energin®, Ginseng, Red Algae, Skin Tightening Agent
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